Coin/Token guaranteed holding service

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Coin/Token guaranteed holding service

We can even hold your coins in our secure facility at no charge. We keep the funds guaranteed safe until you decide you want the private keys or instruct us to sell.

Many people have no idea how to safely store or transfer or sell there coins. Private keys, wallet updates and off grid storage options like paper wallets can all be daunting. We take away those fears and problems by offering a free secure and guaranteed holding service.

We keep enough coins in our secure system to pay out every single portfolio, even if everyone withdrew on the same day at the same time. Let me explain why this is so important. Banks lend and invest customer funds and hold the total debt owed to them + investments + vaulted cash to = there customers total investment because of this system they can fail to hold enough asset to cover their customer liability. For example, if debtors default, investments plummet or to many people withdraw at one time.

We don’t do this your held funds are never withdrawn, moved or lent. They are kept totally secure and at the ready.