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Done for you altcoin packs

When your inexperienced putting your money into cryptocurrency can be scary. A lot of people like you want to try but simply don’t have the know-how. That’s where we come in. You simply choose the package and that’s it. The rest is all done for you.

The crypto world is seeing massive growth at the moment and more growth is expected over the next few years. Most people now have heard of Bitcoin. However a lot of people don’t know there’s also thousands of alternative coins that are being traded internationally as well. Its these coins were interested in as they offer unprecedented opportunity for growth.

What we do is use our expertise to select coins for our packs that we feel will offer the best opportunities over the next 2 years. There is no contract or official end point your free to take your coins at any time. However, we strongly advise that you wait as were selecting for that time period.

Let me put this is dollar figures for you…

Ie if you invested $1000 with us in 2015 what would it be worth in 2017

*below is an example pack
BitCoin 100 to 1277
Eth 100 to 47108
LTC 100 to 3639
Peer 100 to 818
Pivx 100 to 204000
Nav 100 to 33571
Pink 100 to 35714
Black 100 to 4231
Bay 100 to 39999
Dash 100 to 10476

So in the space of 2 years a $1000 pack would have been worth $378,815.00 that’s an overall increase of 37781.5%*

Remember to invest with us is as easy as just clicking the price pack you desire.

*does not account for fees

We are open and transparent, all our fees and charges are clearly listed and explained. There’s no unexpected or extra fees involved. (can you link to the fees page)

We are more then happy to provide you with the private keys to any of your holdings or transfer to a wallet of your choice however we’d strongly suggest for your security you use our guaranteed holding service to keep your coins secure and safe until such a time you wish to sell.

Its really that simple just select the pack size and click go.