Easy as 1, 2, 3

Anti-Money Laundering Programme


  • Anti-Money Laundering is at the core of easycryptopacks
  • In order to buy a pack customers are required to register (i.e. confirm their email address) and also confirm a mobile phone number.
  • You will also need to provide with any pack over £1000
    • ID verification.
    • Proof of address verification.
  • We may also chat with you to understand your reasoning for wanting a pack.


We take active steps to stop users from abusing ourservices. Amongst other things, we:

  • Set strict time limits between pack buys.
  • Cross-reference information received from banks concerning account names.


Although the methods we use to provide our packs are not seen to require regulation at present, we had previously voluntarily registered under HMRC’s Money Laundering Regulations scheme as we believe they are sensible. HMRC have since informed us that they do not regulate cryptocurrency businesses so this registration is no longer applicable. This is the case for all cryptocurrency businesses in the UK.


Data protection

Easycryptopacks complies with the data protection laws of the United Kingdom, including the Data Protection Act. Information about your account is held with the strictest security protocols and policies.

We do not sell any of your information to any third parties. We keep all information secure and only will hand over information if required by the laws of the countries in which we operate.

Some of your information, e.g. your real name and email address, are made available to staff on our system that are directly handling your purchase. They are only used for the purpose of completing your specific purchase with us and they are not visible to anybody else. Your uploaded personal identification documents are only available to our staff.


Easycryptopacks requires users to upload personal information (e.g. passport images) when purchasing above a certain level.

Technical Information

  • Your data is protected during transfer because easycryptopacks uses SSL via https for all user pages and we have a valid certificate recognised by almost all web browsers.
  • As soon as your data is uploaded, it is immediately encrypted.
  • After being checked, that version of the document is securley deleted.
  • The encrypted version of your documents are not deleted unless you delete your account. This is so that we have your details on file should any dispute arise after payment.
  • Should the server become compromised, only the encrypted version of your data will be available. This cannot be decrypted without the correct private key, which is not stored on the web server at any time.