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We take away fear and make it fun

Simple done for you altcoin packs to secure your future. Click the button below to find out how EasyCryptoPacks can help you become more financially secure and better prepared for profits.

Held funds guaranteed secure

If you don’t know how to handle your wallet keys, we can hold your coins for you in our guaranteed vault service.


Simple; done for you solution All you do is choose which pack you'd like and the rest is done for you.

Done for you altcoin packs

When your inexperienced putting your money into cryptocurrency can be scary. A lot of people like you

Coin/Token guaranteed holding service

We can even hold your coins in our secure facility at no charge. We keep the funds

Educational systems via our ECP coin system

The ECP will be on ICO from the 1/8/2017 at livecoin.net. To offer people a chance to


Customer support

We aim to respond to all support questions within 24 hours see contact page

Low fee’s & massive growth potential

Small percentage paid on your initial purchase. Low administration fees. No holding fees. Transfer and exchange costs are charged at the prices we pay.

Free portfolio app

Our dedicated free pack with allow you to log in and see your portfolios performance with live updated charts based on market cap

Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP